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Improved Women In Suits

I like the fashion posts I see showing dresses and stuff, but the actual fashion-industry ones always cut off the heads which I find alienating and weird. But these gorgeous women rocking suits? Fuuuuuuck. *___*

"Commander Vimes didn’t like the phrase ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’, believing the innocent had everything to fear, mostly from the guilty but in the longer term even more from those who say things like ‘The innocent have nothing to fear’."

—Terry Pratchett (via beornwulf)

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yeah it kind of sounded wrong to me but i didn’t know enough about it to actually call them out. regardless it was completely irrelevant to the hobby lobby thing so like, what even?



straight people are  so weird wtf like heres a drawing of two animals in love but one has eyelashes so you know these are Straight Animals


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what she says: i'm fine
what she means: i'm gay for natalie dormer

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the swan queen fandom needs to stop piggy backing on sleeping warrior. sleeping warrior is queerbaiting, swan queen is not. i ship both of them but i’m sick of seeing swan queen fans acting like they’ve been wrong just as much as (if not more than) the sleeping warrior fandom. 

Okay, I'm sick of this. 1: Hobby Lobby is still paying for 16 different types of birth control. 2: Everyone's whining about this, when you can just go to Planned Parenthood & get it for free anyway. Meanwhile my 71 year old mother is no longer allowed to get mammograms but she's forced to be covered for birth control. And no, she won't go back on medicare because medicare was refusing to pay the doctors. The ACA is fucked up when a 70+ year old woman is covered for BC but NOT mammograms! —Anonymous

oh my god is this about that comment on that star trek post? jesus frick.

1. the point is that hobby lobby is using religion as an excuse for policing the bodies of people with vaginas.

2. not everyone has access to planned parenthood. 

3. i don’t understand why you’re making this a one or the other thing??? like obviously yes mammograms should be covered??? that has nothing to do with birth control 


*porn music


Sailor Moon Crystal - Episode 2


From Batman: Gates of Gotham #5 (late October 2011)

That’s the spirit!


Buddies by ~karracaz