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[reads summary of fic] THIS IS WHAT I WANT
[reads first 10 words of fic] this is not what i want


Bisexuality isn’t the name for a weird phenomenon that occurs somewhere between gay and hetero. It’s not a synonym for confused or attention-seeking, and it’s not code for “actually straight”. It isn’t something you can measure with points or percentages or relationship history.

it’s a completely real sexuality that stands alone and isn’t up for debate


have you ever shipped a ship so hard you forgot it wasn’t canon

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tamaki/kyoya doujinshi, part 3/3 (1, 2)

there were a couple of random text-less splash pages that got cut out, as well as the last two pages which looked like author’s notes from what i could see, because otherwise i would have had to make a fourth post for only three or four images.


i haven’t seen one of these yet sooo

Favourite character in 9 tvtropes: Deep Space Nine - Elim Garak.

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tamaki/kyoya doujinshi, part 2/3 (13)

tamaki/kyoya doujinshi, part 1/3 (2, 3)

the ouran doujinshi i bought at anime weekend atlanta! (j. michael tatum, kyoya’s dub voice actor, signed the cover for me, complete with little hearts, right after flipping through it with great interest.)

unfortunately i can’t read japanese so i have no idea what any of it says. if anyone feels like translating it, though, i’ll happily clean up the scans and post the translated version. the word bubbles got a little blurry on the edges since i was afraid of damaging the spine of the comic, but if anyone wants to translate and needs a clearer picture i can get pictures on my phone. 


tale as old as time

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